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What makes Rev Increase the most driven SEO agency?

Rev Increase is a specialized SEO agency, meaning we concentrate only on growing our client’s websites with SEO (White hat SEO). We don’t use paid advertising services unless specially requested. We are the most driven SEO agency because we work around the clock, making ourselves available to our clients 24/7.

Here at Rev Increase consult and work with some the best SEO agents in South Africa, USA, and UK. We use the best SEO marketing tools available to ensure that our clients receive the best possible SEO content marketing strategy, as well as the highest possible Google rank.

We don’t stop until our clients are happy.

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Increase your online visibility

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Hundreds of people are searching for your services every day. The problem is they can’t find you. Our job is to improve your online visibility to ensure your website is one customers find when searching for your services

Increase your Revenue Online

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Generate more sales and enquiries once you’re ranked on the first page of Google. Worrying about where you next sale is going to come from will be a thing of the past.

Generate more website traffic

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Did you know that less than 1% of people click over to page 2? It’s safe to say our clients never have to worry about this statistic, because we’ll make sure their web pages are listed at the top of page 1 for maximum exposure.


The best way for us to get started is by starting with a complete Site Audit. During a Site Audit we identify any critical issues with your website, like internal linking issues or 404 errors and much more.


If SEO is done correctly it will generate more organic traffic. That is why after we have do all that we can for the On-Page SEO, we let our link building experts take over. They will ensure that your website is listed with the top business directories.


After 90 days of hard work you will see the difference and the only question you will have is. “Why haven’t I done this sooner?”

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service we have a 90 day money back guarantee.

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